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Centre pass
The centre pass is a push or hit from the centre of the field with all players in their own half of the field.

Playing the ball
Playing the ball is stopping, deflecting or moving the ball with the stick and, in the case of the goalkeeper with the pads or kickers or deflecting with the hand protector or any part of the body in the circle.

A Stroke
A "stroke" is executed when the ball has been moved by playing, striking or deflecting it with the stick.

Penalty Stroke
A "penalty stroke" is a push, flick, or scoop of the ball from the penalty spot.

A "hit" involves a swinging movement of the stick towards the ball.

A "push" moves the ball along the ground by a pushing movement of the stick after the stick has been placed close to the ball. When a push is made, both the ball and the head of the stick are in contact with the ground.

A "flick" occurs when the ball is pushed and, as a result, is raised off the ground.

A "scoop" occurs when a stationary or slow-moving ball is raised off the ground by means of a shovel-movement of the stick, after the head of the stick is placed slightly under the ball.

Shot at goal
Any stroke by an attacker from within the circle towards the goal.

Playing distance
Playing distance is the distance within which a player is capable of playing the ball.

Persistent means the first time and all subsequent times after a warning or penalty is given for any particular offence.

Time-wasting is any action or lack of action which prevents play from continuing or commencing within a reasonable time.

Dangerous play
Dangerous play is any action which is dangerous to the player or another player or could lead to a dangerous situation. Such circumstances could include a raised ball, tackling from the "wrong" position, playing the ball when lying on the ground, etc.

Misconduct is rough or dangerous play, any delay which amounts to time-wasting, intentional offences, or any bad behaviour. Captains who fail to undertake their responsibilities satisfactorily should be penalised for misconduct.