R U L E SO FH O C K E Y2000


The Rules and Guidance within this Book apply to all hockey players and umpires. The date of their implementation at national level is left to National Associations.

The Rules are issued under the Authority of the Hockey Rules Board on behalf of the International Hockey Federation.

The Copyright of this Rules Book is held by the International Hockey Federation. The contents of this Book may be reproduced or translated for distribution or resale by National Associations in good standing. Reprints should replicate the appearance of this Rules Book and incorporate the following text: "Reprinted with permission of the International Hockey Federation". No additional reference to the Honorary Secretary of the Hockey Rules Board is required. National Associations seeking guidance on the reprinting of this Book should contact the FIH Communications Department in Brussels.

Rules Books should be ordered from the International Hockey Federation, except for those with addresses in the UK, who should direct orders to the English Hockey Association. Cheques for the Rules Book, at 2.00 each, should be made payable to the International Hockey Federation, or for UK orders, to the English Hockey Association. Additional postage charges apply.

Now that you know the very basics, if you want to learn more, check out the complete text of the Rules of Hockey:

(The rules are in PDF format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.)