FIH Elects First Woman President

4/23/01 -- Brussels, Belgium

International Hockey Federation (FIH) today announced the election of Mrs Els van Breda Vriesman as the new FIH President at their congress in Brussels.

Mrs Els van Breda Vriesman (NED) gained a deciding majority vote in the second round of the voting, following an unprecedented tied first round. A record for attendance at the FIH congress was set, with 80 countries present.

Educated as a master of law and with the command of four languages, Els begins her four-year term to continue an exceptional career in hockey and sports management. She is currently an honorary member of the European Hockey Federation and Royal Netherlands Hockey Association (KNHB) having served as a member of their executive and as Vice President. Els was a member of the IOC evaluation committee for the 2004 Olympic Games and is currently a member of that committee for the 2008 Games.

Els van Breda Vriesman commented, ''These are exciting times in hockey - a new President, a new executive board and a new structure for the FIH. I look forward to the newly elected executive board capitalising on today’s positive mandate from the hockey world, to take hockey forward with a constructive vision.’’

Peter Cohen (AUS), a holder of the Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of his contribution to hockey, was elected as Honorary Secretary General.

Rechelle Hawkes (AUS), triple Olympic gold medallist from Perth also makes history as the first athletes’ representative to sit on the FIH Executive Board.

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