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FIH Trainee Umpire Managers Workshop
31 Mar 2005 13:34

The FIH Trainee Umpire Managers Workshop was held in Vienna, Austria, to help achieve a uniformity and consistency in Umpire Manager training to the benefit of umpires worldwide

An FIH Trainee Umpire Managers Workshop was held in Vienna, Austria, from 26-28 March, 2005, in conjunction with the men’s and women’s European Cup Winners Trophy competitions.

FIH Umpiring Committee Chairman Peter von Reth was the Workshop Conductor and was assisted by important and valuable practical contributions from recently retired World Panel umpires, Renée Cohen and Ray O’Connor. The local organisation and arrangements for the workshop were efficiently handled by Thomas Eilmer.

Normally, trainees will attend a tournament under the guidance of the appointed Umpire Manager. A workshop format was used for the first time, because with the number of applicants, it was more efficient than trying to organise individual appointments to separate tournaments for each trainee. 

In order to support the Continental Federations, who currently have limited numbers of Umpire Managers available to them, the FIH Umpiring Committee also agreed to invite observers to the workshop.

Each observer received a personal invitation, with their travel costs covered by their National Association. It’s anticipated that their participation will assist in the training and development process of more (Assistant) Umpire Managers, initially at a National Association level which may in turn lead to appointment to Continental-level events.

During the three-day workshop, the participants received training and information on the practical aspects of their role in coaching umpires during tournaments in order to assist improve performances and become better umpires.

This included advice and guidance on the assessment and marking of umpires’ performances, as well as practical individual and group tasks through match observations and match reviews with the umpires from both Trophy competitions.

Each participant received copies of various documents, report formats and resources, which will assist them in their future capacity.

Participants in the workshop were:

Trainee Umpire Managers
Renée Cohen (Netherlands/Europe)
Mi Ok Lee (Korea/Asia)
Aileen Ross (Scotland/Europe)
Thomas Eilmer (Austria/Europe)
Ray O’Connor (Ireland/Europe)
Jan-Jochen Rommel (Germany/Europe)
Jean-Paul Sabourin (France/Europe)
Steve Simpson (USA/Pan America) 

Mary Parr (South Africa/Africa)
Ediga Agbo (Nigeria/Africa)
Rajaram Krishnasamy (Singapore/Asia)
Rashad Mahmood Butt (Pakistan/Asia)
Anthony Mavrides (Greece/Europe/FIH Umpiring Committee) 

The aim of holding the workshop, together with the presence of observers from other National Associations and Continental Federations, is to help achieve a uniformity and consistency in Umpire Manager training for benefit of umpires worldwide.

Following the workshop, all trainees have been placed on the FIH Umpire Managers list and now are eligible for appointment to events and tournaments. For the observers, letters of recommendation for future development have been sent to their respective National Associations and Continental Federations.

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