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Pakistan prevails in ill-tempered match
31 Mar 2005 09:42

Pakistan 3 defeated India 2
Goals: Pakistan - Arif Mohamed 19m, Imran Mohammad 59m, Imran Warsi 63m; India - Sandeep Singh 33m, Hari Prasad 35m

Korea 3 defeated England 1
Goals: - Korea - Hong Seng Kweon 37m, Suh Sang Eun 39m, Yeoh Chang Yong 62m; England - Andy Watts 30m

New Straits Times: A total of five yellow cards were flashed during an ill-tempered match won 3-2 by Pakistan against India in the Six-Nation Invitational at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, yesterday.

India's goalkeeper Adrian d'Souza (68th minute) and skipper Praboodh Tirkey (58) were both flashed the yellow card, while Pakistan's Sajjab Anwar (33), Arif Mohamed (62) and Yasif Islam (66) were sent to the sin-bin.

Pakistan coach Tahir Zaman was happy with the result, especially as India had paraded their best players in the tournament, but he agreed that there was a lack of sportsmanship.

'Our matches (India-Pakistan) are always tension-filled but the players must understand that the tension must be transformed into good play, and not taken out on the rival,' Tahir said.

India coach Harendra Singh pulled up the umpires for punishing Asians.

'When the European teams play, there is also much pushing and shoving but nobody gets a yellow card. But when India and Pakistan play, they (umpires) seem to come with a set mind to punish players who are robust,' said a visibly irate Harendra.
'This is our style (close contact dribbling) and I think some of the cards should not have been flashed so hastily.'

India lost their goalkeeper to a yellow card in the 62nd minute, and that disrupted their match.

'Our goalkeeper made two good saves, one on the left and one on the right, and there is bound to be contact with on-rushing strikers. So when he was hit by a Pakistan player (Arif Mohamed), he retaliated and both were sent to the sin-bin,' said Harendra.

'The umpire should have taken into consideration what happened earlier and our goalkeeper should not have been punished.'

D'Souza not only jumped on top of Arif, but also took a swipe at his head, and for a worrying moment it looked like a free-for-all might erupt.

Pakistan took the lead off Arif Mohamed in the 19th minute with their other goals coming from Imran Mohammad (59th minute) and Imran Warsi (63rd). Sandeep Singh (33rd) and Hari Prasad (35th) scored for India.

In the last match of the day, Korea beat England 3-1 with goals from Hong Seng Kweon (37th), Suh Sang Eun (39th) and Yeoh Chang Yong (62nd). England's scorer was Andy Watts in the 30th minute.

The Koreans square off with Malaysia today.

Article courtesy of New Straits Times

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