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Loughborough International report - UPDATED WITH PHOTOS
21 May 2006 18:39

Despite miserable weather, the Loughborough International on Sunday 21 May produced a steady stream of qualifying performances for this summer’s European Championships in Gothenburg and IAAF World Junior Championships in Beijing.

Most dramatic, predictably, was the Men’s 100m. Tim Abeyie (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) won the match race, running as a guest, in a personal best of 10.29 seconds, within three-hundredths of a second of the UKA Elite Standard for Gothenburg and well inside the UKA Development Standard of 10.50 despite a head wind of 0.5 metres per second adding to the difficulties posed by heavy drizzle and puddles on the track.

In his wake came the two teenagers who brought golden glory to Norwich Union Great Britain and Northern Ireland Teams last summer. Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, the reigning World Youth 100m and 200m Champion, was second for Norwich Union GB Juniors in 10.42 seconds, a fifth faster than at this time last year. Craig Pickering, the reigning European Junior 100m Champion, was third in 10.43 for England.

The Women’s 100m series also began with encouraging speed in the discouraging conditions. Emily Freeman (Wakefield) celebrated her call-up to the England relay squad by winning the Invitation A race (wind: +0.8m/s) in a PB of 11.40, a full tenth of a second inside the UKA Development Standard for Gothenburg. In second place, 15-year-old Ashlee Nelson (City of Stoke) clocked 11.73 seconds, only three-hundredths outside the Beijing qualifying standard (though she is too young to compete under IAAF rules). The match 100m (wind: +0.5) was won by Joice Maduaka (England) in 11.50, just five-hundredths of a second ahead of Kadi-Ann Thomas (British Students).

Top hammer prospects Andy Frost (England) and Alex Smith (NU GB Juniors) coped well with the wet circle. Frost won with 71.47m, his furthest throw of this infant season as he aims for the Gothenburg development qualifying standard of 75.00m. Smith improved his PB twice in taking second place with 64.89m, well beyond the Beijing standard of 62.00m. The Hull-based teenager’s series was: 60.36m, 63.38m, 63.98m, 64.89m, 63.87m, no throw – excellent consistency in the adverse conditions.

David Green (Wales) continued his wonderful progress in the 400m hurdles. Less than a year after winning the European Junior Silver medal, he skimmed over puddles and barriers to a victory in 50.51 seconds, inside the Gothenburg Development Standard of 50.60. He was pushed all the way by former Norwich Union GB Junior Team mate Ryan Dinham (England), edging back towards his best after injury and clocking an encouraging 51.02. Earlier Invitation races were won by Dale Garland (Guernsey) in 51.45 and sprint hurdler Rob Newton (Sale) in 52.94 as he recovers from a hip problem. It was his first 400m hurdles in this country since he won the AAA Under 17 title.

The UKA Development Standard of 53.95 seconds for the Women’s 400m in Gothenburg also took a beating. Emma Duck (Team Southamton) won an Invitation race in 53.42. The match race was won in 53.78 by Helen Karagounis for England.

The match 800m was equally competitive as athletes targeted the Gothenburg Development Standard of 2:02.50. Jenny Meadows went through halfway in just under 61 seconds and went on to win for England in 2:01.99 while Joanna Ross took second place for Scotland in a splendid PB of 2:02.92 in her first race over the distance this season.

Fresh from winning the Commonwealth Games Bronze medal, Kate Dennison (England) finished equal second in the pole vault with UK record holder Janine Whitlock, who was guesting. Both cleared 4.20m, the Gothenburg Development Standard. The competition, which was held indoors because of the slippery conditions outside, was won by Hanna-Mia Persson (Sweden) at 4.30m.

Richard Hill (England) got closer to the Gothenburg Development Standard of 1:47.20 in winning the 800m in 1:47.59.

The most outstanding performance by the Norwich Union Great Britain and Northern Ireland Junior Team came from James Campbell in the javelin. Taking advantage of the sun making a belated appearance towards the end of the meeting, he won the competition with a throw of 71.22m – his fifth attempt in a series that included five personal bests. It went 69.40m, 68.76m, 67.93m, 68.55m, 71.22m and 68.58m as he pummelled the Beijing standard of 68.75m.

The Under 20 Men’s 110m hurdles (wind: +0.4) was a thriller with the top two, finishing just outside the World Junior standard of 14.00 seconds (for 99cm hurdles). Gianni Frankis (Basildon) won it in 14.10, a mere hundredth of a second ahead of Julian Adeniran (Oakham School).

European Junior Silver medallist Amy Harris (Birchfield Harriers) got to within 1cm of the Beijing standard in winning the long jump for GB Juniors with 6.14m in the fifth round of a competition in which she suffered four fouls in the pouring rain.

16-year-old Chris Clarke (Marshall Milton Keynes AC) got close to the Beijing standard of 47.00 seconds in his Invitation 400m. He clocked 47.35 seconds for a fine win over former GB Junior Set Osho (Belgrave), who clocked 47.81. And Grant Baker won the match race in 47.09 seconds for GB Juniors – a massive improvement on his best last year of 47.87 – to suggest the competition for places on the flight to the Far East will hot up as the weather improves!

Match result: 1 England 191; 2 Loughborough Past and Present 150; 3 Norwich Union Great Britain and Northern Ireland Juniors 121; 4 British Universities Sports Association 110; 5 Scotland 106; 6 Wales 69.


100m (wind: -0.5): 1 T Abeyie (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies, guest) 10.29; 2 H Aikines-Aryeetey (GB Juns) 10.42; 3 C Pickering (Eng) 10.43.

200m (wind: +1.0): 1 S Eruchie (BUSA) 21.13; 2 A Turner (Lough) 21.25; 3 J Ellington (ENG) 21.58; 4 R Pierre (GB Juns) 21.71. Invitation: 1 R Tobin (Basinstoke and Mid Hants) 21.31.

400m: 1 G Baker (GB Juns) 47.09; 2 D Reilly (BUSA) 47.30; 3 A Fernandez (ENG) 48.02.

800m: 1 R Hill (ENG) 1:47.59; 2 G Oudney (SCO) 1:48.67; 3 B Green (Lough) 1:49.37; … 7 E Aston (GB Juns) 1:51.03.

1500m: 1 C McCourt (ENG) 3:46.38; 2 S Davies (WAL) 3:46.64; 3 W Chirchir (KEN, guest) 3:46.81; … 11 K Gauson (GB Juns) 3:56.53.

5000m: 1 M Warmby (guest) 14:04.48; 2 S Plummer (SCO) 14:21.47; 3 N Talbot (BUSA) 14:22.68; … 10 D Shinnie (GB Juns) 15:35.17.

110m hurdles: 1 D Hughes (ENG) 13.82; 2 D Girdler (Lough) 13.91; 3 D Lewis (WAL) 14.61; … 6 C Kavanagh (GB Juns) 14.88.

400m hurdles: 1 D Green (WAL) 50.51; 2 R Dynham (ENG) 51.;02; 3 F Smith (SCO) 52.08; … 6 A Howell (GB Juns) 53.39.

High jump: 1 S Oni (Lough) 2.22; 2 T Parsons (ENG) 2.11; 3 D Stone (BUSA) 2.11; 7 R Grabarz (GB Juns) 2.01.

Pole vault: 1 C North (ENG) 5.30; 2 S Lewis (Lough) 5.30; 3 A Swain (Lough, guest) 5.15; 5 L Cutts (GB Juns) 5.00.

Long jump: 1 R Childs (WAL) 7.64; 2 C Kirk (BUSA) 7.63; 3 L Smith (ENG) 7.55; … 6 O McNeillis (GB Juns) 7.21.

Triple jump: 1 T Oke (guest) 15.99; 2 N Thomas (ENG) 15.57; 3 J Beimers (GB Juns) 14.80.

Shot: 1 E Udechuku (Lough) 18.40; 2 J Williamson (GB Juns) 17.09; 3 C Gearing (ENG) 16.51.

Discus: 1 Udechuku 58.90; 2 A Buhari (ENG) 55.64; 3 M Brown (guest) 50.59; … 6 Williamson 46.64.

Hammer: 1 A Frost (ENG) 71.47; 2 A Smith (GB Juns) 64.89; 3 G Allan (SCO) 63.38.

Javelin: 1 J Campbell (GB Juns) 71.22; 2 M Luckwell (ENG) 70.91; 3 M Allen (guest) 70.73.

4x100m: 1 England (S Williamson, T Abeyie, R Fifton, D Campbell) 40.13; 2 Loughborough (S Small, S Smith, P Judson, A Turner) 41.17; 3 BUSA (P Dorrgachnan, W Sharman, D Reilly, S Eruchie) 41.45.

4x400m: 1 England (R Dinham, R Hill, S Osho, A Fernandez) 3:10.88; 2 Loughborough (R Williams, A Blow, K Thompson, J Godsell) 3:11.37; 3 GB Juniors (C Clarke, A Daish, B Tasker, G Baker) 3:14.20.

U20 Men

110m hurdles(wind: +0.4): 1 G Frankis (Basildon) 14.10; 2 J Adeniran (Oakham Sch) 14.11; 3 C Priestley (Leicester Coritanian) 14.44.


100m (wind: +0.5): 1 J Maduaka (ENG) 11.50; 2 K-A Thomas (BUSA) 11.57; 3 S Deacon (SCO) 11.73; 6 L Sargent (GB Juns) 12.06. Invitation race (wind: +0.8): 1 E Freeman (Wakefield) 11.40.

200m (wind: +0.3): 1 Maduaka 23.88; 2 Thomas 24.17; 3 Deacon 24.39; … 5 J Duck (GB Juns) 24.95.

400m: 1 H Karagounis (ENG) 53.78; 2 K Massey (BUSA) 54.07; 3 L Fairs (Lough) 54.29; 4 L Gillhespy (GB Juns) 54.51. Invitation: 1 E Duck (Team Southampton) 53.42.

800m: 1 J Meadows (ENG) 2:01.99; 2 J Ross (SCO) 2:02.92; 3 C Chepkwony (KEN, guest) 2:04.71; … 8 A Leonard (GB Juns) 2:09.19.

1500m: 1 C Riley (ENG) 4:19.72; 2 N Gauld (SCO) 4:20.06; 3 S Twell (GB Juns) 4:22.55.

3000m: 1 E Baker (BUSA) 9:21.04; 2 E Hall (ENG) 9:30.51; 3 N Stanford (GB Juns) 9:32.58.

3000m steeplechase: 1 C Entwistle (ENG) 10:17.60; 2 T Krzywicki (Lough, guest) 10:22.86; 3 S Thomas (Lough) 10:24.43.

100m hurdles (wind: -1.0): 1 S McGreavy (Lough) 13.51; 2 J Ennis (ENG) 13.79; 3 A Fullelove (SCO) 13.93; … 5 Z Hohn (GB Juns) 14.25.

400m hurdles: 1 M Carey (Lough) 58.81; 2 S Scott (ENG) 59.54; 3 E Howarth-Brown (GB Juns) 60.23.

High jump: 1 S Pywell (Lough) 1.78; 2 S Moncrieff (ENG) 1.78; 3 equal V Hubbard (GB Juns) and K Lannan (WAL) 1.73.

Pole vault: 1 H-M Persson (SWE, guest) 4.30; 2 equal K Dennison (ENG) and J Whitlock (guest) 4.20; … 7 K Skinner (GB Juns) 3.80.

Long jump: 1 A Harris (GB Juns) 6.14; 2 L Bloor (Lough) 6.11; 3 L Hazel (BUSA) 5.96.

Triple jump: 1 T Hurd (USA, guest) 13.47; 2 K Turner (BUSA) 12.68; 3 S Aneto (guest) 12.49; 4 D Matthew (GB Juns) 12.40.

Shot: 1 J Duncan (ENG) 16.83; 2 R Peake (Lough) 15.31; 3 E Francis (GB Juns) 14.15.

Discus: 1 K Nwidiobe (guest) 53.96; 2 C Smithson (ENG) 52.72; 3 E Carpenter (guest) 49.69; … 5 J Lally (GB Juns) 44.22.

Hammer: 1 Z Derham (ENG) 63.63; 2 C Parry (Lough) 62.27; 3 L Brannan (WAL) 59.92; … 6 S Holt (GB Juns) 53.11.

Javelin: 1 G Sayers (Lough) 55.44; 2 J Blair (guest) 47.57; 3 L Clarke (GB Juns) 46.99.

4x100m: 1 England (A Onuora, E Freeman, L Turner, J Maduaka) 44.13; 2 GB Juniors (T Dorsett, J Duck, L Sargent, A Harris) 45.56; 3 Scotland (G Cooke, S Deacon, S Whigham, L Dickson) 45.77.

4x400m: 1 England (L Owusu, M Purkiss, S Scott, H Karagounis) 3:36.22; 2 Loughborough (L Fairs, A Rees, M Carey, F Harding) 3:37.63; 3 Scotland (L Doyle, M Thomas, C Gibson, K Evans) 3:43.20; … 5 GB Juniors (E Howarth Brown, K Flower, E Child, L Gillhespy) 3:49.52.

Tim Abeyie

Grant Baker

James Campbell

Richardo Childs

Claire Entwistle

Helen Karagounis

Joice Maduaka

Jenny Meadows

Steph Pywell

Emeka Udechuku

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