Men`s Qualifying Tournament for XXVII Olympic Games, Madrid
Game 11 - MAS v IND
04 March 2004
Start Time: 16:00
Boon Huat Chua (PC) 10:29
Kuhan Shanmuganathan (PC) 12:14
Mhd Amin Rahim (PS) 60:26
Deepak Sonkhia (FG) 15:48
Gagan Ajit Singh (FG) 26:24
Dilip Tirkey (PC) 28:43
Gagan Ajit Singh (FG) 45:34
Baljit Singh Dhillon (FG) 62:44
Full Time - MAS 3 IND 5
Time Commentary
71:22 Full time: Great game of hockey with both teams having long periods of dominance as the game progressed. MAS will rue missed corner opportunities. IND will review their defensive structure with too many corners conceded. PC count: MAS 12 IND 2.
70:04 The corner is taken after the final whistle. The flick goes wide and IND hang on to win 5-3.
69:33 Penalty corner to MAS with 30 seconds to go. MAS 12th corner and 8th for the half.
67:24 The ball remaining deep in MAS attacking half since the IND goal. All 11 IND players back in defence to try and slow the MAS midfield.
65:45 The ball is cleared by the IND runner and they manage to save another attempt. MAS still with the ball in attack.
64:13 The first shot is saved by Chauhan but another MAS corner after he plays the ball over the backline. MAS 11th corner.
63:24 Penalty corner to MAS for a IND foot straight after the restart.
Determined goal from Dhillon after he made a strong run from the half line before picking up a rebound. Timely goal with IND under pressure.
61:56 Tirkey almost scores for IND with a hard reverse stick shot going just wide left. IND unsettled with MAS running hard in attack and midfield.
Rahim flicks high left to score.
Penalty stroke to MAS. Great save on the line by IND from the MAS flick although MAS impeded on the rebound shot.
60:00 Another corner for MAS from an IND obstruction. MAS 9th corner and 6th since they last scored. Danger here for IND.
58:30 Chauhan (IND GK) makes a great diving save to his right and MAS have a long corner.
58:00 MAS earn yet another corner. Their 8th and 4th for the half.
56:25 IND finally push MAS out of their attacking drive and have the ball in their attacking half for the first time in a number of minutes. The missed corner opportunities may well be very costly for MAS.
54:34 The first shot is saved and then MAS stick check the IND defence. IND regain the ball although they are looking unsettled. There is much animated talk between the IND players at present.
53:36 MAS earn their 7th corner after an IND foot. MAS aplying plenty of pressure on the IND defence for the last 8 mins.
52:45 The Shanmuganathan flick goes high over the crossbar. MAS still in attack after the IND free hit.
Yellow card to IND. Breaking on the corner. Ignace Tirkey.
51:25 MAS earn another corner (their 6th) after a raised IND ball. The game has swung back to MAS favour after the last IND goal.
50:03 The variation left is deflected by IND. MAS long corner.
49:08 MAS push into attack after the restart and earn their 5th corner for the game.
Gagan scores his 2nd goal with a hard hit from close range. IND dominating the game in the last 5 mins with MAS rarely having possession.
43:02 Gagan (IND) has a hard reverse stick shot at Subramaniam who makes a glove save and MAS regain the ball. IND starting to look more dangerous as the half progresses.
40:47 An open and fast game at the moment with the midfield clear for both teams to mount their attacks. A very high standard of hockey.
37:44 IND almost score with Sonkhia shooting at close range. Subramaniam (MAS GK) makes a sharp pad save and MAS manage to clear.
36:10 End to end hockey after the restart with both teams entering their attacking circle.
35:00 Half time: An impressive comeback from IND after trailing 2-0 after 12 mins. IND with all the momentum at the end of the half so MAS will welcome the half time break. PC count: MAS 4 IND 2.
32:44 The Shanmuganathan flick goes wide to the left. IND rebound immediately back into attack.
31:27 MAS break past the IND press and make it to their circle. They earn their 4th corner from an IND foot.
30:39 IND putting MAS under significant pressure now with numerous shots just going wide. MAS not in attack for any meaningful period for the last 12 mins.
IND captain Tirkey smashes a hit past Subramanaim to give IND the lead.
28:13 IND earn their 2nd corner for the game after a raised MAS ball from Subramaniam (MAS GK).
Gagan scores for IND with a nice trap and reverse stick hit after a long pass into the circle from the right. IND now with all the momentum and MAS in trouble.
25:19 Rasquinha (IND) hits the post with a nice deflection from a hit outside the circle. IND very unlucky not to be 2-2.
22:05 IND still in attack although MAS deep defence is currently rock solid. Game being played in IND attacking half at present.
19:13 IND has wrestled back possession for the last 2 mins and they hold the ball in their midfield. mAS working hard in defence although still leaving 2 strikers high.
17:37 The shot is saved by IND and they clear. MAS remain in attack with the ball inside their 25 yard line.
16:51 MAS push forward after the restart and earn their 3rd corner from an IND raised ball.
Sonkhia brings one back for IND with a simple tap-in from a left wing cross.
13:58 IND reeling after 2 quick penalty corner goals from MAS. IND pushing forward into attack with numbers now as MAS continue to play aggressive hockey, leaving 2 players high in attack.
MAS captain Shanmuganathan rockets a low flick past Chauhan (IND GK).
11:34 MAS win the ball after the restart and earn their 2nd corner. Danger here for IND.
Chua scores off the penalty corner with a deflection goal into the net.
08:49 MAS earn their 1st corner after an IND raised ball in the circle.
07:40 IND still holding the vast majority of possession of the ball. However MAS slowly working their way back into the game which has now shifted into the midfield.
05:24 The hard IND hit is saved by MAS and the rebound goes just wide.
04:19 IND earn a fortunate corner after MAS play the ball deliberately over the backline.
02:01 IND off to a good start with the ball deep in their attack for the opening 2 mins.
01:21 A significant game for both teams. MAS are searching for their first points, and IND need to find form after a tough 1-1 draw with BEL on day 1.