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    Guidelines for LOCAL Medical Personnel

Medical coverage for a Hockey Tournament includes but ALL should be aware that this may not be limited to the medical care of those involved with a tournament. This is for emergencies only

    1. Provision must be made to be able to render emergency medical care at the hockey field and if necessary at the resident facilities of the teams and officials. To assist in this task the local organizers should have a list of Medical Doctors and Specialists, their telephone numbers and the means of communication to facilitate this. These persons should be made aware prior to the tournament the dates of the tournament and knowledge of their availability known by the organizers. To ease this happening, the Organizers should have in their Table of Organization a Local Medical Officer designated to this task.
      1. This person will then be responsible to ensure that all needed medical supplies, water, ice, cooling, and heating apparatus are in place.
      2. Daily medical coverage must be provided and at all games being played
      3. A local designated Hospital and Ambulance service must be included.
      4. A first Aide room at the field must be stocked with emergencies supplies.
      5. The ability to clean the Field of Blood stains must be available and gloves are to be included for this
      6. Drug Testing arrangements must include private facility, trained escorts, trained drug testing collector and a suitable laboratory, specimen transport arrangement, test kits, locked refrigerator, hydration material and transport back to the residential facility of those involved.
      7. Provide at the conclusion of the tournament a list of ALL medical encounters dealt with to the FIH

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