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Hockey played in different ‘circuits’ in Hong Kong on World Youth Hockey Day

‘Hello, Paul, the Hong Kong Hockey Association will runs a World Youth Hockey Day this Saturday and since we all under 21 years old, we were invited to play hockey that day. I hope this time I can play forward and I suppose you like to play with me up in the front’ said Johnny. ‘Yes, that will be great, let’s have fun and call our friends to come as well’ Paul replied.

So they both keep on calling their friends to take part in this ‘event’.

It was around twelve noons, Paul, Johnny and his friends arrive at King’s Park Hockey Stadium. They all shocked as the hockey ground was decorated and not as field that they usually play hockey!!

Paul rushed to one of the helpers and asked ‘Are we playing hockey on a hockey day?’, ‘Yes’ replied by the helper. Paul looks very doubtful and continues his question ‘But, sir, how can we play hockey with color tapes on the ground, cones setup like skills training, a wooden goalkeeper in front of the goalpost how can I score goals as I am expecting to play forward?’ The gentlemen replied with a smiles said ‘Today is World Youth Hockey Day, I understand that not only you will be expecting to play games but do remember that hockey can be played in different circuits. Look at the turf, we set 5 different circuits to allow hockey players like your age can enjoy more than just a hockey game.’

Paul still looks strange and he knew that the more question he ask, he will never change the program. So he went back to his friends and said ‘I don’t know what will happen today but I am sure that the organizer will make sure that it will be great day of hockey, lets enjoy the day’

There were over one hundred of youth at the stadium to take part in this hockey day and around 2pm; the President of the association and official announced the official opening of the day. So the participant runs to different circuits where they were namely escape (flick as high as you can), maze, hockey bowling, dribbling pass cones and shoot at goal.

The 3 hockey bowling lane seems the biggest attraction at the very beginning as they need to push the ball and strake plastic bottles. Not many can get a full strake at the very first few ‘push’ but after a few attempt, they can aim accurate.

In the middle of the pitch between the 25 and half line, a maze was set up. Within three minutes, the participant need to find their way out and at the same time they need to dribble the hockey ball. This could test them in ball controlling while finding way out.

Across the half line, there were 2 circuits, one was dribble pass cones and the other one was escape. There were over thirty cones placed within a large square which allow them to dribbling pass the cones twice within five minutes and rules is simple – not allow to touch any cones otherwise go back to the start and do it again.

Nearby, three different height of escape placed, they need to flick the hockey ball pass the different height. It was quite easy for them to pass the first or perhaps the second but when it comes to the third, some need assistance and guidance/coaching for complete the task.

Some shouting came from the further end goalpost where they can either flick or push pass a wooden goalkeeper. Seems quite easy but to aim and control of ball seem one of their main concern.

Of course, after 4 hours which allows them to take part of all the circuits there was a small game of hockey which both Johnny and Paul’s friends were looking for. They all enjoy games that allow them to play with other participants.

It was a great hockey day which they all enjoy very much, skills, teamwork, support and cheers were the best wordings for the day. Johnny said after the closing that he enjoys the day; not because he got a game of hockey, but he found out that hockey can be use for many activities such as bowling.

A great day to remember and many thanks to those who were there at around from 9am till 7pm, the helpers who arrange the lunch boxes, music, equipment, drinks and most important was the support from the Hong Kong Hockey Association official who were there during the entire tournament.



Ahmed Khan,

Manager Under 21 Mens Squad,

Reporting for HKHA of the

World Youth Hockey Day.


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