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Seif Eldin Mahmoud Abouzaid

DOB: October 17th, 1984

Country: Egypt

Top hockey achievement(s): Join the junior national team.

Ambitions for the future: Joining the senior national team and playing the World Cup

Contact info: [email protected] 


Jackilyn Rose B. Almazan

DOB: July 20th, 1986

Country: Philippines

Top hockey achievement(s): A member of the Philippine junior team.

Ambitions for the future: Establish hockey in different schools and be part of the popular sport being played in the Philippines and become a sucessful business woman someday

Contact info: [email protected] 


Malcolm Prescott Baron

DOB: November 1st, 1984

Country: Auckland, New Zealand

Top hockey achievement(s):

Auckland U18 – National Championships 2002


Ambitions for the future: 

Make Auckland U21


Contact info: 

1 Pukehana Ave, Epsom Auckland 1003, New Zealand [email protected]



Nienke Belgraver

DOB: October 11th, 1984

Country:  Netherlands

Ambitions for the future: 

Make hockey more popular than it already is.

Contact info: [email protected]


Kim Bryan

DOB:  December 21st, 1983

Country: Ireland

Ambitions for the future: To coach Irish U18/U21 team.

Contact info: [email protected]


Steven Cachia

DOB: August 24th, 1984

Country: Malta

Top hockey achievement(s): U16 National Team Assistant Coach, Sliema Hotsticks Senior team member, HAM Youth Committee Chairman.

Ambitions for the future: Having hockey as a full time job. I would love to become a full time hockey journalist or maybe a coach.

Contact info: [email protected]


Lucia Camilloni

DOB: May 2nd, 1986

Country: Uruguay

Top hockey achievement(s): I play club hockey and last year I got in the U17 national squad and went and played a tournament in Argentina. It was great fun and got lots of experience.

Ambitions for the future: Keep playing hockey until I’m older and form a team with my friends. I would also love to keep playing on the national team.

Contact info: [email protected] 


Maurizio Chiarella

DOB: 3 of January in 1983

Country: Peru

Top hockey achievements: I’m a player here in Peru, I taught hockey for a year at my school, to small children; and I help to organize events for my National Federation.

Ambitions for the future: I will do anything to make hockey the most played and fun sport in the world!

Contact info: [email protected], [email protected]


Fiona Lyndsay Cousins

DOB; 8/4/1985

Country; Scotland

Top Hockey Achievements; Played for Scotland U16, presented with FIH Youth Leadership Certificate in 2002.

Ambitions for Future; To keep coaching my Club's youth teams and to play high level hockey in Scotland.

Contact Info[email protected]


Raminder Dhanda

DOB: March 17th,1982

Country: England

Top hockey achievement(s): Umpiring at the European Youth Trophy 2001 in Hamburg.

Ambitions for the future:  To complete my degree in Chemistry and become a teacher. To get my full international umpiring badges, and continue to help and support development of young umpires.

Contact info: 26 Courtland Avenue,Coventry CV6 1GW, ENGLAND

Tel: +44(0)24 7659 5216, Mob: +44(0)7740 427118

[email protected] or [email protected]


Mihaela Dimitrova

DOB: December 2nd,1987

Country: Sofia, Bulgaria

Top hockey achievement(s): Win the European Indoor Championships.

Ambitions for the future: I would like to help for development the hockey in Bulgaria and to show that in Bulgaria have hockey on one good level. In my life I want to congratulate school and after that National Sport Academy...and after that6 I don't know I will think then

Contact info: [email protected] 


Mario Rosado Fuentes

DOB: January 15th, 1985

Country: Mexico

Top hockey achievement(s):

Winning the national championship three years in a row, started training with the mayor national team. Having been able to participate in the World Hockey Festival in Hobart 2001 and having been one of the starters of the Youth Panel.

Ambitions for the future:

I want to make the senior national team and win the Pan American Games, maybe afterwards I could play overseas; make hockey a more popular and known sport worldwide, but especially in Mexico.

Contact info: Fax +52 (55) 52 95 39 23, [email protected], [email protected]  


Hamish Graham

DOB: 17 –November - 1982

Country: England

Top hockey achievement(s): Asst. Coach North U21 Women/ Head Coach Sheffield University Ladies HC / Capt. Northants U16, U18

Ambitions for the future: Level 2 Coach + assist club development

Contact info[email protected] / [email protected]


Marcin Grochal

DOB: March 7th, 1984

Country: Poland

Top hockey achievement(s): 1st place in 99/00 U16 Championships

Ambitions for the future: To develop youth umipiring among the hockey players and to be the best umpire its possible.

Contact info: [email protected]


Rebecca Kanter

DOB: March 22nd, 1983

Country: USA

Top hockey achievement(s): Most Improved Player (as a sophomore in high school); In my opinion, playing in college. Becoming the first US representative on the FIH World Youth Hockey Panel.

Ambitions for the future: After college, if possible, continue to play hockey at a competitive club level. Continue to coach youth and become a high-level certified USFHA coach. Continue to develop US youth hockey and promote youth hockey awareness throughout the world. And eventually, due to my work, obtain an official USFHA position, in order to promote the importance of grassroots development at a more important level. But most importantly, to always continue to share my passion for hockey with others, with the hope that people will discover the same love for the sport that I have.

Contact info: [email protected] 


Jesper Leong

DOB: August 28th, 1985

Country: Australia

Top hockey achievement(s): Playing for my state. Winning state champs with my club.

Ambitions for the future: Making hockey a more entertaining sport to watch.

Contact info: [email protected] 


Mercedes Lerena

DOB: August 24th, 1986

Country: Uruguay

Top hockey achievement(s): I have played in club hockey for 4 years now, and in 2002 I got into the U17 national squad with which I travelled to Argentina and South Africa, gaining lots of valuable experience.

Ambitions for the future: I will like to keep on playing in the national team, and to keep on studying to become whatever I want to be. I would like to travel all around the world, meet new cultures, be happy.

Contact info: [email protected] 


Jacopo Lunetta

DOB: March 14, 1980

Country: Italy

Top hockey achievement(s): I am a player of the Italian senior national team but I also coach Padova's U14 team and I am coach for an international organization called Sportsways. With my club I organized an international hockey camp in Venice.

Ambitions for the future: For the future I would like to develop hockey in Italy and have lots of friends in this sport.

Contact info: [email protected]


Kimberly Maiolo

DOB: October 30th, 1985

Country: Australia

Top hockey achievement(s): Coaching

Ambitions for the future: Underwater hockey.

Contact info: [email protected] 


Ali Markey

DOB: 1 March

Country: Australia

Top hockey achievement(s):   Australian u/16 honour Team 2001, Current member National Hockey League team

Ambitions for the future:

Contact info: [email protected]


Didier Michielssen

DOB: 11 July 86

Country: Belgium

Top hockey achievements: I play since 12 years. I play in the national team under 18. I'm a trainer and I like hockey.

Ambitions for the future: to promote hockey, to promote fair-play and to be a good youth hockey promoter

Contact info: [email protected]


Leonard Modder

DOB: June 2nd, 1985

Country: Hong Kong

Top hockey achievement(s): Getting MOM in Junior League Finals

Ambitions for the future: To get into a good University and at the same time progress with my hockey.

Contact info: [email protected] [email protected]


Carlos Javier Morales Arellano

DOB: February 15th, 1981

Country: Peru

Top hockey achievement(s): Member of the Peruvian U21 team, U21 South American Championship; International coaching degree

Ambitions for the future:

Make hockey a more popular game in Peru


Contact info: 

[email protected], [email protected]


Cornelia Müller

DOB: March 23rd, 1985

Country: Switzerland

Top hockey achievement(s): I play Hockey in Bern (BSC Young Boys). I began to play hockey when i was 4 years old. Now I play in the national Teams under 18 and under 21. 

Ambitions for the future: I hope, once I can play in the Swiss women’s national team. I will study anything with children, because I like them.

Contact info: [email protected]


Melissa Marie Pascal

DOB: August 4, 1985

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Top hockey achievements: Youth Panel member from July last year, and later being asked to be Youth Forum project manager. I also went to Germany, where I met the FIH President Mrs. Els van Breda Vriesman, and some other FIH officials, which was great.

Ambitions for the future: to encourage approximately 65% of the member countries to have a representative in the Youth Panel and to form a youth forum in their respective countries. To add 4 more secondary schools teams to our league to have greater competition.

Contact info: [email protected], [email protected]


Sibah Phillipps

DOB: 17.08.1986

Contact info: mobile tel (with codes): 0049-174-8507190


Sally Raitt

DOB: January 21, 1986

Country: Wales

Top hockey achievements: County level

Contact info [email protected]


S.M Ammar Raza

DOB:  January 20th, 1986

Country: Pakistan

Top Hockey achievement(s): Selected in Pakistan Junior Hockey Team's Camp, Done four International hockey tours India twice, Muscat and Dubai. Played National Senior and Junior Championships, Inter Provincial Championships, Top scorer Of Inter school hockey championship as a defender, playing for Pakistan Customs Hockey Team & Youth Hockey Promoter Of Pakistan.

Ambitions for the Future: To play for the National Team of Pakistan & to become an IT professional also. To promote hockey in every aspect and in every area of Pakistan and in the world.

Contact Info: [email protected]

[email protected]. 

51-D Askari 4,Rashid Minhas Road Karachi, Pakistan.

Phone: (921)8132651, Cell no: 0300-2262442


Penelope Redmond

DOB: June 20th, 1984

Country: Australia

Hockey achievement(s): YOTY promoter for Australia, participant of the World Hockey Festival in Hobart , State team for South Australia and Tasmania.

Contact info: [email protected]


Carien Janien Roberts

DOB:  26 Feb. 1983

Country:  South Africa

Top Hockey Achievents:  Global Youth Hockey Promoter 2003

National Umpire:  Top Ladies umpire at national tournament

Provincial player + captain. Promising player at national tournament.  Play for RAU club who won the African Club Championships. Provincial coach.   

Contact info[email protected]


Siobhan Louise Rowland

DOB: March 9th, 1985

Country: Wales

Top hockey achievement(s): Best hockey experience was going to Hobart and representing Wales in the Year of the Youth.

Ambitions for the future: I would like to get international Honours.

Contact info: [email protected]


Leigh Sandison

DOB: June 3rd, 1983

Country: Canada

Top hockey achievements: playing in the Commonwealth youth games for Canada winning the CIS national championship 2001 with the Universityh of British Columbia, my university.

Ambitions for the future: to play in the junior world cup qualifier to become a key player on my university team

Contact info: [email protected]


Andrew Peter Seimann

DOB: June 20th, 1986

Country: Wales

Top hockey achievement(s): European Bronze medal

Ambitions for the future: Olympic gold for Great Britain

Contact info: [email protected]


Bethan Jane Walsh

DOB: August 22nd, 1985

Country: Wales

Top hockey achievement(s): U18 International cap, becoming “World Youth Hockey Promoter” at the end of the World Hockey Festival in Hobart

Ambitions for the future: Gain a senior cap for Wales, make the FIH Youth Panel successful, travel the world and pursue a career in Biochemistry with a top uni degree.

Contact info: [email protected], 447775655741


Marvyn Ricardo White

DOB: March 9th, 1983

Country: Barbados

Top hockey achievement(s): To get in the national junior team.

Ambitions for the future: To get in the senior national team and to become a financial controller.

Contact info: [email protected]


Xenia Ulrich

DOB:  January 17th, 1986

Country: Austria

Top hockey achievement(s): Playing for the U16 national team two years ago and 8 gold and 9 silver medals in the Austrian league.

Ambitions for the future: I want to make the U21 ladies team this year and go to the European B-Division Cup next summer. And personally I want to finish school and go to university to study physics maybe, and would like to study abroad for some time

Contact info: [email protected], [email protected]


Patrick Yoacel

DOB: January 9th, 1984

Country: Uganda

Top hockey achievement(s): Playing among first 18 of the national team in 2000 during AFRICA CUP OF NATIONS. Spear heading the development of youth hockey in UGANDA through coaching them in various schools, number increased to 400 youth from less than 50 within a year. Being a youth promoter for my country.

Ambitions for the future: Developing the game all over the country in a period of 4 years & creating a big change & challenge to other sports disciplines in UGANDA especially where they regard hockey as a non performing sport. Playing professional hockey in a competitive country soon. Working as a professional marketer after completing studies

Contact info: [email protected]



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