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Umpiring Project

The aim of the Umpiring Project is to get more young people interested in umpiring and the rules.

There are currently problems in many countries with the number of umpires available to umpire regularly at league matches in the domestic leagues. If we are able to get youngsters interested at an early age, especially if they are more interested in umpiring rather than playing as a career, or are not good players, but want to get involved with hockey, then we should try to target these youngsters to make them our "umpires of the future."

If we can get more younger people interested in umpiring, then we can start to develop their umpiring at an earlier age, and can recognise those umpires with potential for higher level umpiring i.e. International levels etc…

It is then much easier to target and coach these umpires at an earlier age too, so that we can start developing our potential International umpires much sooner than is currently done.

Attached are two papers with a progression scheme and a general summary of how a "Young Umpire Award Weekend" could be run. Although the award is not yet fully operational, I think you will agree that it contains some very good ideas, and it combines hockey with social activities, which we also believe is very important.


Raminder Dhanda (England) [email protected]

& Marcin Grochal (Poland) [email protected]

Umpiring Project Leaders

FIH Youth Panel



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