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The youngest youth: "Benjamins"

In the Netherlands hockey is a real family sport, its often that when your parents play hockey you also are going to play hockey. That’s why the age when kids start to play hockey in Holland is very young, most of the kids start playing hockey at the age of 6 and 7. At my hockeyclub "Pollux" we call the kids in the age of 6 and 7 "The Benjamins".

Together with a friend of mine I coach the Benjamins every Wednesday for an hour. Momentarily we have a group of 35 kids. We learn them the basic things of hockey by playing all sorts of games. We have two kinds of Benjamins, the ones who are playing hockey for the first year and the ones who have already played hockey for a year. The youngest Benjamins only train ones a week and don’t play any games. They learn to play hockey in a fun way, with all kind of games. The Benjamins who have already trained a year play a game on Saturday against other hockey clubs.

How does a game for the Benjamins look like? The Benjamins play in a team with 6,7 or 8 kids, they split up in two teams. They play three against three on 1/8 hockey field with on each side 2 goals. After 20 minutes and a short break they switch opponents and play another 20 minutes.

I think this is a good way to learn the beginnings of hockey. After two years with the Benjamins they go to another level and play 6 against 6 on a ¼ hockeyfield.

Benjamin hockeyfield

Playing hockey is important but having fun with kids of your own age is even more important at the age of 6 and 7. Besides coaching the kids we organise all kinds of events, like an introduction day, Eastern hockey day, Benjamin disco, a tournament at the end of the hockey season and more.

Hockey must be fun, because those kids are the future of your hockey club!

If you want more information about the Benjamins email me : [email protected]

Nienke Belgraver
Dutch Promoter

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