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Trinidad & Tobago Youth Report

Initially it can be said that Trinidad and Tobago youth committee has a very close relationship with our Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board (TTHB). This relationship came about mainly because we - the youth - showed the Board that we had what it took to make a difference. They were very impressed with the formation of our National Youth Forum, from then on they took us seriously because we had meetings regularly. Our relationship grew so much that Lucy Lee, the secretary of the TTHB, was present for two consecutive meetings to discuss tournament plans and to give us advice as much as possible. And also I and 2 other members were invited to General Council by Annette Knotta as observers, we were asked to inform the council of our accomplishments, and what we plan to do, and also we gave each member of the council a report of our happenings.

Concerning the tournament Lucy suggested that it could be incorporated into our Youth Hockey Day tournament into the entire Trinidad and Tobago indoor hockey agenda, so that it would take place in the middle of national indoor (clubs tournament). In addition she got some sponsorship for our tournament, in terms of trophies and products, like water and sports nutrition drinks. For marketing purposes she produced a booklet for clubs, with the entire indoor agenda, including October 26th with rules about our tournament and rules about the Fun Day which would be part of the days events. The events are tug-of -war, balloon mash and six in a sack. This would take place between 12pm-1pm. All teams would have to participate in these events, because points would be awarded which would be added to the final score at the end of the day.

The tournament took place from 9am-6pm. The facilities were sponsored by the TTHB. The awards and medals were sponsored by a group of various companies. The trophies that we handed out were: the overall winner with challenge trophy with 10 gold medals for all the players, second place just medals for team members, and third place bronze medals. Special awards which were given to both males and females, were: most valuable player, most promising, most outstanding forward, most outstanding defender, most outstanding keeper, team spirit award, best umpire voted by the players, most spectacular goal, most goals.

To add a little flavour to the day we took an idea from the World Youth Hockey Day booklet and decided to have players place bets on who they think will win the special awards, and a sum of money will have to be paid. Whoever wins would receive a hamper.

Olympic Aid has been a huge success in Trinidad and Tobago. We have successfully raised TT$1200, which is equivalent to US$200. We raised the money by mainly 3 ventures. The biggest one was the Car Wash, which was held on the 10th August it raised TT$1000, but it was very sad when only two people from the hockey fraternity supported us: they were the President of the TTHB Garvin Francis Lau and Lucy Lee the secretary. We put up banners and posters to advertise it. We took out pictures of the event and the posters and the crew that washed, we also had a raffle on that day of a hamper of bread. The other TT$200 came from a raffle which was runned during indoor matches, the prizes were hampers again.

Our National Forum started small but worked it way up, being recognised as doers. Out of the 11-12 clubs in T&T we have representatives from about 7 clubs on the meeting's best attended day. The e-mail addresses of the two most productive people in my committee are:

Kiesha Pierre [email protected], Jenna Lee Kim [email protected]. There are about 10 people that make up the committee.

Melissa Pascall

Trinidad & Tobago Promoter

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