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Operation Jubilee

National Youth Hockey Development Programme 2003


Operation Jubilee seeks to expand the code of Hockey throughout the Nation, rekindling interest in latent locations that have lapsed into inactivity due to lack of support and equipment, whilst tapping into a vast reservoir of  children and youth predisposed toward sport but lacking a credible opportunity to give Hockey consideration. This programme provides the core activity by which the Papua New Guinea Hockey Federation will achieve its’ expansionary goals and vision for the future.

Available evidence confirms there are in situ people with hockey skills and knowledge that can be harnessed into assisting in establishing, re-establishing,  and or enhancing the presence and momentum of the sport around the main centres of the Nation.

The Programme is sponsored by the Australian Government as a component of its’ Silver Jubilee Gift to Papua New Guinea with additional support from the International and Oceania Hockey Federations

The donor has confirmed that the programme may be commercially linked to a participating sponsor providing the word “Jubilee” is included in the title.

The original submission was for the programme to be conducted only in Port Moresby and Lae. With a commercial link and participation the programme can be expanded to include all major centres.


To introduce Hockey, its individual and group skills to our Children and Youth and encourage them to participate in the sport on a continuing basis as a worthwhile life experience.

General Outline

The Federation will launch Operation Jubilee in Port Moresby during March with two Programmes conducted back-to-back. Minkey Hockey in the morning programmes for young primary level children and Youth Programmes in the afternoon for junior age youth. Coaching directors from Hockey Australia and Oceania will travel to Port Moresby to refresh local coaching staff who will conduct the reminder. The same programmes will then be conducted in Lae, Goroka, Madang, Manus, Kokopo and Alotau. The Programme delivery staff will be drawn from PNGHF, School Teachers and National Training Squad qualified level One Coaches, Coral Sea Festival staff and Oceania Hockey Federation.

Core to this activity will be the raising of a local association with subsidised membership to the Federation. These associations will be given a model constitution to get them started and a parcel of equipment to keep with which to play. The Federation will then provide on-going support to ensure the development continues.


Create awareness of and by continuing involvement develop:

  • Increased levels of physical fitness and well-being
  • A sense of achievement through the progressive acquisition of skill
  • Healthy attitudes to desirable codes of behaviour through co-operating and competing with opponents. A child in sport is a child out of court
  • An appreciation of the fun, satisfaction and relaxation that can be derived from physical activity
  • A positive attitude to more active energetic lifestyles

Develop the code of Hockey throughout Papua New Guinea by ensuring continuity

Locations/ Dates 2003

  • 14-16 March  Port Moresby Launch        
  • 12-13 April    Lae                     
  • 26-27 April    Goroka                  
  • 10-11 May    Kokopo                           
  • 7-9 June       Madang / Lorengau        
  • 25-26 July     Alotau

Directing Staff

See separate list

Administration & Logistics

See separate instructions


The Federation has hockey equipment valued at 15,000KINA available to be allocated to new centres to assist their ongoing development. It will shortly also receive a Minkey equipment grant from the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for use in this programme valued at  7500KINA

Minkey Programme

This programme is a direct transference of the very popular and successful Australian programme by the same name and is fully resourcable.

Youth Programme

This programme will follow the Coral Sea Junior Development Festival activity that PNGHF members attended in Cairns last year.

Budget Allocations

The Australian Government Silver Jubilee Committee has allocated 30,000KINA to the Federation for the operation. The PNGHF Treasurer is to draw up a Budget allocation for the revised Programme.

Futher information

This can be obtained care of the above from:  Keith Long - Vice President Oceania

Papua New Guinea Hockey Federation

P O Box 2358 Boroko NCD.

PH: (675)325 7855FaxL675) 325 0949  

Email: [email protected]


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