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A hockey surprise in our Easter egg

Easter 2003 was a great success for the Hockey Association Malta. Apart from hosting 5 touring sides in the space of 2 weeks the Association is also finalising the Artificial Turf project. The state-of-the-art pitch should be ready by end of May and it will be ready to host more touring sides. The Easter holidays always bring a touring side to our shores but this year we had an incredible number in just 2 weeks. 4 Schools teams from Britain and 1 from Germany made the Easter holidays a hockey bonanza. Apart from those touring sides we also had our first hockey camp in conjunction with KTK Sport-Service/ hockeyhaus.de and ESE Language School. The camp was a success and the teenagers loved the mix of hockey, nightlife and learning English. The Hockey Association Malta also sent some kids to train in the hockey camp and they were quite amazed with new techniques and breathtaking skills.

Some local sides teamed up together to play against the English sides and in most occasions went out comfortable winners but the Under 16 National Team lost 5-6 in their 7-a-side match against KTK Sport-Service while the Under 18 National Team lost 5-1 in the first 7-a-side match and 7-8 in the second match. It looks like we still need to work hard on our hockey skills.

Now that this hockey bonanza is over, the clubs and Association are turning again their eyes on the Leagues, hopefully with a little more experience of foreign hockey.

Steven Cachia, FIH Youth Promoter - Malta

[email protected]



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