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Workshop for National Hockey Development Officers, Athens 27-30 May 2003

From 27-30 May the 4th workshop for national development officers and consultants took place in Athens.  Hockey Developers from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas discussed and learned about various aspects of hockey development and defined common strategies.

The workshop was about :

  • analysing opportunities and obstacles for hockey development
  • making and executing plans for structural and sustainable hockey development
  • finding access to resources and assistance
  • informal and formal international cooperation and networking

On the first night the participants, representing the NHAs of Belarus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Malawi, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazachstan, Oman, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Korea, Pakistan, UAE, Singapore, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Seychelles, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Argentina and Paraguay were informed about the programme and introduced into the FIH and DCC Strategy. They were also given the opportunity and encouraged to ask their “burning questions” on which they wanted to get an answer during this workshop.

In the morning of the second day the participants presented the current status and the future ambitions of their own National Hockey Association. This gave a good insight in the opportunities and problems the different NHAs are facing. After another series of presentations about national development planning, youth and the regional project between Argentina and its neighbours, the active contribution of the participants was required when the work in small working groups started.

Each working group had the task to make a National Hockey Development Plan for a particular country. The selected countries were Kenya, Malaysia, Malawi and Portugal.

During a period of 9 hours, the working groups were in heated discussions about the way forward for these countries.



Although all the presentations were of good quality, “Team Malawi” won the award for the best plan, the best presentation and the best group work.

Theo Ykema, chairman of the FIH DCC commented: “This workshop was another unique opportunity for hockey developers to come to share ideas and know-how and to get inspired. They were very lucky to meet the complete FIH Development staff, consisting of the FIH Development Manager and the 5 CDOs and the (voluntary) members of the Strategy Group. The event itself was very successful, but of course we can only talk about a success if the participants share and spread their new plans and ideas back home. Looking at the participants base, we trust that this will happen'.

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