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A Human Chain Consisting of Hockey Players around the Binnen-Alster (Lake in Hamburg).

Many more than 1.700 hockey players came – the chain was completed without any problems.

At 5 p.m. this afternoon a big crowd of Hamburg hockey players found their way to the Binnen-Alster. All 29 clubs, which are organized in the Hamburger Hockey-Verband (Hockey Association of Hamburg), sent delegations of active players with club dress and sticks to the city. Many children and adults came - even from Lüneburg and Buchholz, smaller cities around Hamburg – to point out how important and urgent it is for Hamburg to get a hockey stadium. And of course they came to take part in the attempt on the record for the Guinness Book of Records.

At 5.15 p.m. after the agreed signal – 100 green balloons rose from a rowboat on the Binnen-Alster to the sky – the chain was completed. Then the whole chain was filmed. When 100 red balloons rose to the sky the crowd cheered loudly. The red balloons were the signal that the record was established. “Now we have to evaluate the film precisely, to ascertain the exact amount of players and sticks. But I can say that there were many more than 1.700 hockey players, maybe close to 2.000,” the organizer Susanne Schüttemeyer said happily.

The present-day attempt on a record was part of the advertising week for hockey. This week connected the women’s finals of the German championship last weekend and the men’s finals next weekend at the Club an der Alster in Hamburg.

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