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Progress report from the FIH Umpire Development Seminar, being held inconjunction with the BDO Womens Champions Trophy Tournament in Sydney, December 2003

Day One - Monday 1 December 2003

All 18 Umpires arrived safely and, at the opening session, introduced themselves to their fellow Seminar participants. The programme for the following 5 days was explained along with the aims and objectives of the Seminar, including details of the group tasks that would be set.

Day Two - Tuesday 2 December 2003

The topics for the day were Styles of Play and Positioning. Through review of video footage compiled from previous Tournaments, various different playing styles were identified. Match tasks, based upon that day's play from the Champions Trophy, were to: -

Evaluate how each side played, who their playmakers were, and what team tactics were used to counter their respective oppositions. Consider the implications of this for the Umpires in terms of management and positioning, through reading of the game and anticipation of the play.

Day Three - Wednesday 3 December 2003

The games from the previous day's play were reviewed, using the computer/video clips which the Tournament Umpires themselves receive for their match feedback analyses.

The first topic of the day was tackling, with further video analysis being used to identify good, illegal and breaking down play tackles. The other two topics on the day's programme were the raised ball and game flow.

Match tasks for the following day's Tournament play would be to review the games with respect to: -

Analysis of the tackles during the game, where the breaking down play tackles occurred, and how the umpires dealt with these. Consideration of overhead ball, whether this was used for attacking or defensive play, and the associated danger aspects.

Game flow and the timing of Umpire decision making, relative to both the game situation and whether the play was in defence, midfield or attack.

Day Four - Thursday 4 December 2003

The main topic of the day was Management. More video of World and World Development Panel umpires was reviewed to see how the top Umpires approach this aspect of the game. Video from other sports, such as Rugby and Football, was used to underline the similarities between the different codes' officials, and how all the top Umpires and Referees possess excellent management skills.

The topics for the day, and the associated Match tasks, were: -

Self assessment of the Seminar Umpires strengths and weaknesses.

To watch the Tournament Umpires, in order to identify their most effective management skills and how the Seminar Umpires could achieve the same results in their own styles. Consideration of the way in which the Tournament Umpires set the standards of what is and is not acceptable from the players, and how and when they communicate with the players when they fall below the expected standards.

Day Five - Friday 5 December 2003

The games from the previous day's play were analysed. The new Umpire Performance Feedback form was discussed (available for viewing on the FIH website, in the Umpiring section). The reasons behind the changes were outlined, in particular with regard to the new sections on the form covering pre-Tournament preparation and the post Tournament Action Plan, which are viewed as essential in trying to ensure continued Umpire development.

Day Six - Saturday 6 December 2003

A review of the Seminar, and the collection of the Daily Reports, is planned prior to watching the day's play.

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