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Marathon Plans in Afganistan
06 May 2004

For May 15 and 16 the Afgan Hockey Association has drawn up a very good program. We invite all the school children to the National Olympic Committee Stadium. On the same day we have a match between  the children and a men’s Veterans team. The Sports Minister will be the chief guest. The President of the Afghan Hockey Association will give a speech to the young hockeyplayers. The AHA will distribute some gifts provided by the National Olympic Committee.

Kind regards
Taj Malik
General secretary  AHA

The rise of hockey in Afganistan
05 May 2004

Description of your planning events details program:
The  Afghanistan Hockey Association  is going to start  the development program  for the promotion of hockey in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Hockey Association  wants  to find new potential  for the all edge group  of players. We  also  want to get in  full contact with National Sports Committee to get land for the hockey ground in Kabul. We are also arranging different tournaments in all Afghanistan, including coaching programs in provinces, at schools and Universities.
A tournament will start in Kabul. All of Kabul high schools will participate in this tournament. In the second step we have to make another tournament in Jalal Abad. In Nooristan Khost Laghamn provinces all the program will start from the 15th of June 2004.

Target groups
The Afghanistan hockey association is keen to develop the hockey from the young group in schools. We want to teach them the latest skills and the basic skills of hockey. In this regards we are thankful to the FIH for sending there coach to Afghanistan. We are sure that our coaches learned a lot from the FIH coach Mr. Zahid Ali.

Aim of the tournament
The aim of the tournament is to develop the hockey game in Afghanistan to find young players to encourage them to come to field of hockey to play for Afghanistan.
We will also celebrate the the Global Youth Hockey Day from 15 the and 16 of May with great in trust and pleasure of hockey.

Future target
Afghanistan want to play the hockey game in high level in the different parts of the world. Therefor we are preparing the young teams in Afghanistan. We are able to play in the international level soon and we are looking forward to play the beautiful game of hockey everywhere

Kind regards,
Taj Malik, General secretary  AHA

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