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Executive Board Meeting 17-04-04 6.00 am BST


  • Raminder Dhanda - Chairman (England)
  • Xenia Ulrich - Secretary (Austria)
  • Marcin Grochal - Umpires (Poland)
  • Mario Rosado Fuentes - Communications (Mexico)


  • Rebecca Kanter - FIH events (USA)
  • Stephan Haumann - Exchange/Pen Pals (Germany)
  • Tina Brullo - FIH


  • Melissa Pascall - Youth Forums (Trinidad&Tobago)

Meeting starts at 6.15 am BST

1. Website issues

  • we agree that we need to make our website on the FIH website more attractive for users
  • Mindy informs us that FIH has granted a budget for our website
  • Mario (about Comm Group Meeting):
  • we want to attract youth
  • probably by colour, polls, animations, prizes
  • has to be more user friendly
  • YP website hard to locate on FIH website. We are supposed to have a link on the right hand side already, but its not always there
  • Decide on trying to use the YP website as main communication and to re-model it into an information platform
  • agree to have emails sent out, but want to put more emphasis on the website

2. Newsletter

  • Already wanted to have a monthly newsletter in the past, but usually don't have enough information to send out anything decent.
  • we hope that through restructioning people will get more motivated and will send in reports or whatever they have so that we can start having a monthly YP newsletter

Meeting closed at 7.02 am BST due to start of General Meeting

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