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General Youth Panel Meeting 17-04-04 7.00 am BST


  • Raminder Dhanda - Chairman (England)
  • Xenia Ulrich - Secretary (Austria)
  • Fiona Cousins (Scotland)
  • Mihaela Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
  • Sally Joanne Raitt (Wales)
  • Leigh Sandison (Canada)
  • Klaas Beurkens (The Netherlands) at 8.15
  • Hamish Graham (England) at 8.05
  • Stephan Herberger (Venezuela)
  • Carlos Morales (Peru)
  • Mario Rosado Fuentes (Mexico)


  • Rebecca Kanter (USA)
  • Mercedes Lerena (Uruguay)
  • Sibah Philipps (Germany)
  • Caterina Titto (Italy)
  • Stephan Haumann (Germany)
  • Didier Michielssen (Belgium)

Meeting starts at 7.15 am BST

1. Apologies

2. Changes in Membership and Project Groups

New Promoters:

Steven Cachia (Malta) leader of the Resources Group has resigned from the Youth Panel due to the increasing workload in the Maltese Hockey Federation (HAM) as he wouldn't have enough time for the Youth Panel anymore.

We would like to thank Steven at this point for his great work and his dedication to the Youth Panel. He helped greatly in the set-up of the Malta-Germany Exchange Programme and was always willing to work hard to achieve the goals. He has been a part of the Youth Panel for over two years and we will truly miss him. Thank you Steven!

Due to the resignation of Steven there will have to be a new Resources Group Leader. Elections to be held. We think it would be best to have someone of the Resources Group to take the position.

3. Solving our Communication Problem +4. Meeting timings +8. Updating the contact list

Restructuring the Youth Panel:

  • currently we are having Project Groups who have their own meetings, but this system doesn't seem to be working too well
  • restructuring to Continental Groups:
    +: could save regional problems, would be easier for ppl to attend in their own timezone, everyone could discuss everything
    -: emphasis on Europe, as it has the best hockey structure, bigger groups

Xenia propses to try to run both system simultaneoulsy ->all agree, details to be sorted out by Mindy (Raminder) and Xenia

Tina's proposal (filling in forms instead of having too many meetings):

The idea is not to have too many meetings which only few people attend but to send out querries for people to think about and fill out whenever they got the time and send it back in a certain time

We agree on trying out these querries but hope to get more people to attend the meetings due to the restructuring

First querry will include:

  • updating contact info
  • thoughts on Project Groups: are they happy/able to do something in their Project Group, would they like to be in another Project Group?
  • thoughts about the website: how can we make it more attractive?

We agree that if a promoter doesn't reply to our emails/querry, we will send a letter to his/her NHA asking about the status of the promoter, to be sorted out by Mindy and Xenia

5. Website Issues

  • currently our website is boring
  • looks a lot like the FIH main site
  • not user friendly
  • not very well visited

FIH has granted a budget for us to design our website to make it more attractive for youths


  • fun writing
  • animations
  • polls
  • sign-up to reveive info on YP/join YP/take part in Pen Pals programme
  • interviews with young internationals
  • better structure
  • should try to get a direct link from the FIH homepage on the left-hand side
  • will ask all promoters for their ideas in the Questionnaire to be sent out

6. Role of Project Groups

  • updates as part of restucturing
  • have to set performance criteria and smart targets

7. Letters of Notification

We will add 3 letters to our "range":

  • Thank You letter for Promoters when they leave the panel
  • Welcome letters when they join the panel for Promoters
  • Welcome letter for NHA to ask them to help their promoter.

Maybe we will make a certificate for having been part of the panel
We will ask FIH of maybe adding a little welcoming gift (pin, etc.) for the new Promoters

8. Any other business

no other business

Meeting closed 8.50 am BST

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