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Successful Coaching Course in Barbados
30 May 2004
The course was designed for coaches in youth programs or those desiring to coach in youth programs. The program consisted of classroom and field sessions. In addition, youth players attended the weekend sessions for practical teaching situations for the coaches.
Six of the coaches were selected and given equipment bags containing hockey sticks donated to the program by Dita USA for teaching in youth programs. These selected coaches submitted a coaching program promising to start 4 new youth programs within 12 months in their own country.
FIH Master Coach Rodolfo Mendoza and FIH Grade I coach Shiaz Virjee conducted the course.




  • Roger Broomes
  • Col. Deighton Maynard
  • Peter Chase
  • Sherry Martindale
  • Rohan Thomas
  • Ingrid Mayers
  • Rohan Weekes
  • Dexter Clarke
  • Joel Bryant

Barbados School Teachers:

  • Michael Franklin- St Leonards
  • Astrid Alleyne- Grantley Adams
  • Arnold Tull- Alma Parris
  • Wanda Maynard- Coleride and Parry
  • Tennyson Cummins- Ellerslie
  • Thimothy Davis- St Lucy Secondary School
  • Adrian Mapp- Lester Vaughn
  • Victor Chapman- Louis Lynch


  • Beryl Homer
  • Richelle Mitchell
  • Anton Reyes
  • Kurt David
  • Kemba Clasp

Tobago: Judy Prescott-Wilson

Bermuda: Val Holder

Jamaica: Elton Knight

Cuba: Guillermo Stakemann

USA: Marybeth Freeman

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