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2º Torneo de Hockey Escolar – DGSEI

DGSEI 2nd School Hockey Tournament

'When Mexican hockey goes through a critical stage, to the point where no medal was acquired in the Central American and Caribbean Games, thus there was no qualification to the Pan American Games, it is encouraging to see 600 youths running after a ball of this sport, having fun and this way complementing their education.' - Victor Coleman, ESTO, January 24th, 2004.

This magnificent event took place on January 23rd, 2004 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the only hockey field in Mexico City, located in the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City. Three schools were invited: Escuela Primaria Jorge Alacio Pérez, Escuela Primaria Virgilio Uribe , Escuela Primaria Andrés Molina Enríquez and Escuela Secundaria #163. Each one had its representative team consisting of 7 players each, for each grade and gender.

Numbers: 590 youth players, 72 teams, 14 coaches, 200+ fans and supporters, 40 volunteers and 180 games.

This event is the result of Coaches Arsenio López and Magdalena Navarro’s extraordinary work, who have devoted their lives to coaching and forming youth players. The plans are for this to be a yearly tournament and to each year invite more schools and more youths and to hopefully refuel Mexican hockey for the years to come.

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