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Cape Town, South Africa

Contact Person: Sharon Siljeur
Role in NA: transformation & development officer
E-mail: [email protected]

Description of Event: hockey clinic

When and where: 15 May 2004 Phliipi Sport Complex

For whom (target group): schools in the area

How many people took part?: 30 children 4 teachers

Why did it take place (aim of the event)?: to expose the township kids to hockey.

What happened (programme)?: used Batwana Manuel : how to hold a stick , how to dribble with a ball and what the game of hockey is all about. We then had U14 boys playing a match so that they could see how the game is being played

Results of the event: very fruitful the teachers were excited and are keen to run the six week mini hockey program with us

Follow-up of the event: we will now run a six week mini hockey program with the kids and teachers.















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