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Hong Kong, China

Contact Person: Mr. Tony Cheung
Role in NA: Chairman, Planning & Development Committee
E-mail: [email protected]

Description of Event: Youth League Final

For whom (target group): Youths aged 10 – 15

How many people took part: 32 players, 2 coaches approx. 100 spectators

Why did it take place (aim of the event): as part of the Global Youth Hockey Marathon Event

What happened (programme): 6 youth teams with players below 16 years of age participated in the youth league. They played each other in a round robin basis. The top 2 teams competed for the trophy in the Final.

Results of the event: HK Sikhs beat Hong Kong Football Club in the Final on penalty strokes and won the title.

Follow-up of the event: The promising players of the youth league will be selected for further training in the U-16 squads.

















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