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Message from the Development Manager: “more young people interested in hockey development in Peru.”
2 August 2004
Soon after the new group of youth leaders were nominated in Peru, I started the new challenge of being the Development Manager for the whole of Peruvian Hockey.  Every day, more young people are interested in hockey development.
This new group consists of 3 young players that are very enthusiastic about improving hockey in
our country. They are fully supported by the Peruvian Hockey Federation. Most importantly, they have the support of a lot of young and adult players too.
During the last national hockey tournament in Peru, the youth group, formed sub groups. There was the press area where the volunteers where asked to recollect all the information of the matches and every week they had to produce a little online magazine with the results, photos and anecdotes. Another group was responsible for the Federation’s stand, where they had a fund-raiser. These two areas were organised entirely by the youth leaders. Youth also helped the Federation to organize and run the tournament. They were involved with the umpiring, judging, ensuring that the field was ready for play, publicity with national press and the closing ceremony.
With these sub groups the organization of the tournaments was more effective. The event was also sponsored by the famous newspaper in Peru, called ¨El Comercio¨. They gave us the trophies and published the development of the tournament, giving us a national cover.
With all this organization and the work of many people we have learnt that our hockey can be improved and is hopefully getting better and better each day.
Carlos Morales Arellano

Peruvian Development Manager


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