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What's up in Bulgaria?

So what is new in Bulgaria? I am glad to say that we hosted one of the executive board meetings for the EHF. We have now finished all of our youth tournaments and I am happy to say that the level of youth hockey has improved!
The men and women have also played their championships. We have had two championships -the Super cup of Bulgaria for men and women, and first tournament of our National Championships. We have two tournaments for our National Championships: one on spring and one in October even thought it's cold here!
I am happy to say that my club won both the men’s and women’s titles.
We are now preparing for indoor National and International Championships.
What's next for us? We have a couple of Balkan championships coming up in Yugoslavia and Turkey. Also my club NSA will be taking part in the European Club Indoor Championship-Women’s ‘C’ division, next year.
The men’s team, MGY are going to Loughborough, England to play. We will also send a team to Vienna for U18 in July.
In December we will hold a contest to decide who will represent Bulgaria at the World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival in Chile.
Mihaela Dimitrova - Bulgaria

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