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The Hockey Rules Board (HRB) can trace its existence back some 100 years and so its current role is to blend the traditions of the game with a quest to ensure hockey is relevant to today's world. Specifically the HRB:
  • seeks to develop the Rules - while retaining the game's well known and appealing characteristics;
  • aims to make the game even safer and easier to understand for players and spectators;
  • conducts trials and promotes Rules changes to achieve these aims;
  • specifies the current Rules and works with other bodies in the game to ensure they are interpreted and applied consistently and fairly.


Hockey Rules Board Structure

The HRB's members are drawn from all facets of the game including players, coaches, umpires, technical officials and the media. They also come from around the world with every continent represented.

Until 2001, the Board was supported by a Rules Advisory Panel which concentrated on the development of the Rules. But this function has now been taken on the Board itself. During 2001 various working groups will be established to progress this and other aspects of the Board's work. It is anticipated that working groups will focus on:

  • rules developments and trials;
  • communications.

The members of the Hockey Rules Board are:

Name: National Association:
Wolfgang Rommel (Chair) Germany
Roger Webb (Secretary) England
Richard Aggiss Australia
Jorge Alcover Spain
Gill Clarke England
Eric Donegani Canada
Yousef Essamat Egypt
M.P. Ganesh India
Eduardo Guelfand Argentina
M. Kamisuki Japan
Michael Krause Germany
Evlyn Raistrick Scotland
Alain Renaud France
Shin Yung Hee Korea
Islahuddin Siddiqui Pakistan
Peter von Reth Netherlands

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