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FIH Youth Programs 2005

2005 – an exciting Youth Year!

Yes, it is definitely not over the top to call this year an exciting year, with 3 Global Youth programmes on the calendar:

  1. Global Youth Hockey Marathon – 14/15 May
  2. World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival – 16-24 September
  3. Youth Leadership Certificate Programme – deadline for nominations 20 June 

Global Youth Hockey Marathon

The dates of the Global Youth Hockey Marathon 2004 are Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May.   

Trying out umpiring, theme of the Marathon 2005



The theme of the 2005 Marathon is “The Big Try Out”, which refers to trying out umpiring by young players. As you will know the year 2005 has been selected to give umpiring a focus in the “WorldHockey Umpiring Boost”. Already at a young age players should become aware that umpiring is a vital part of the sport and that it is fun to whistle a game! To help you with the content of your event we have sent each NA by post a folder with:

  1. Hockey Rules OK – 3 booklets. These booklets introduce young players into the rules in a fun way and can be used in schools and clubs. Thank you England Hockey for making these booklets available for the Marathon!
  2. Fair Play – 1 booklet (in 3 parts). This booklet has been translated from Dutch (thank you KNHB!) and encourages children to think and write about fair play. “What is sportsmanship”, “how do you receive guests”, “what does a good captain do” and many other fair play themes are discussed in this booklet.
  3. Ideas to take up and practise umpiring – a selection of ideas from the WorldHockey Umpiring Boost manual, which places the emphasis on youth.
  4. In the Youth – Marathon section of this website you will find the digital version of the booklets mentioned above. These can be simply downloaded and copied for the schools and/or clubs in your country.

If you have any question then please get in touch with your Continental Development Officer or with FIH Development Manager Gabrielle van Doorn ([email protected]). 

World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival

The 3rd World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival will take place during the Junior World Cup for women in Santiago de Chile (Chile), during the period 16-24 September.

This Festival aims to reward Young Hockey Leaders or, in other terms, “Youth Hockey Promoters” (aged 15-21) from all over the world with an unforgettable international hockey leadership experience. This will benefit them and their hockey pals back home for a long time in the future and not only them but also, their NAs will be “winners”. Take for instance last year’s Global Youth Hockey Marathon: in many countries this was organised by young hockey leaders who took part in the 1st or 2nd World Youth Hockey Festival!



Participants of the 2nd World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival in Amstelveen 2003

How you can select your National Youth Hockey Promoter(s) has been described in the information letter, which we sent to the NAs on the 25th October 2004.

Once the Youth Hockey Promoter arrives in Chile, it will cost next to nothing to stay (maybe just some pocket money). The Promoter will stay with a host family, who will provide them with another international experience. The FIH will take care of the costs of the course, so we don’t have to charge an entry fee.

In March 2005 we will start the organisation of this Festival.  More info will be put on the site by the beginning of April.

Countries that still want to send a participant to the WYHPF in Chile can contact their Continental Development Officer or FIH’s Development Manager Gabrielle van Doorn, [email protected]

FIH Youth Leader Certificate

How many times have you said “thanks” to your young volunteers? It’s a pity that there are so many young people contributing to the weekly routine of hockey who are never put in the spotlight. We need to stimulate these young leaders to continue helping out in umpiring, coaching, event organization, etc. and the Youth Leader Certificate programme is an excellent opportunity to do this!

NAs who wish to reward young people in the 15-21 age group for their active leadership within hockey can do this up to 20 June 2005. You can make use of the attached form to nominate your young leaders.

Please take the following conditions into account:

1. A maximum of 12 nominations per NHA can be forwarded. You need to complete all information as detailed on the attached form. Please nominate young leaders and NOT just good hockey players!

2. In July 2005 the announcement of the successful FIH Youth Hockey Leaders will be included on the FIH website.

The Global Youth Hockey Marathon 2005

- the Big Try out - taking up umpiring!

Youth Panel
- Newsletter 3, April 2005

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