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Youth Bulletin – December 2005

Review 2005
The year was a busy one with the Global Youth Hockey Marathon, the awarding of the Youth Leader Certificates and the World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival all taking place.

The World Youth Hockey Promoter Festival was held in Santiago from18-24 September. The Festival involved a record 44 participants from 25 countries!


  • Americas – 10 countries: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, T&T, USA, Uruguay & Venezuela
  • Europe – 10 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland & Wales
  • Asia – 3 countries: India, Hong Kong & Sri Lanka
  • Africa – 1 country: South Africa
  • Oceania – 1 country: New Zealand

The programme involved:

  • Presentation of Youth Projects by each of the participants
  • Workshops – club development, event management, coaching, umpiring and fundraising Continental Days
  • Sightseeing to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar
  • Women's BDO Hockey Junior World Cup
  • Cultural exchange and integration with host families

There were eight staff members from Australia, Argentina, Chile, Canada & Wales. Daily reports and photos were added to the website so that families and friends could follow the festival.

Six finalists were selected - Chloe Guy (Wales), Jane Cronin (Ireland), Andrea Balette (Argentina), Nicola Connell (New Zealand), Lwandile Simelane (South Africa), Micheal Steinmann (Germany) – to present their fantastic projects to the international jury.

After the presentations, Michael Steinmann was awarded the title of World Youth Hockey Promoter 2005. Congratulations to Michael!

Well done to all participating National Associations (NAs). We would like to know what you have done to put the knowledge that your participants gained into action; can you write us which job and responsibility you have given to your promoters? Please advise FIH Development Manager Gabrielle van Doorn at [email protected].

Youth Leader Certificates
Sixty Youth Leader Certificates were awarded for Youth Participation in hockey in the areas of coaching, umpiring, event organisation, club and youth development.

The following countries nominated participants and received certificates:

  • Americas – Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, USA
  • Asia – Bangladesh,Oman
  • Europe – Croatia, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland
  • Africa – Malawi, Ghana
  • Oceania – New Zealand

Global Youth Marathon 2005
The theme of the 2005 Global Youth Hockey Marathon was “The Big Try Out”, focusing on attracting more people to umpiring and encouraging them to give umpiring a go.

All NAs were given resources on how to attract, train and retain umpires and how to reinforce fair play. The 43 countries who took part in the Marathon were awarded 10 Starter Umpire Kits which included whistles, cards, a TK T-shirt and a hat.

The development/youth section of the WorldHockey website – under the heading Marathon – has reports of the great activities that were organised.

Youth Panel
The Youth Panel is about to undergo an election to vote in a new Chairperson as Mindy Dhanda‘s term is coming to an end. In addition to the chair, the position of secretary is also up for renewal.

With the influx of new members from the recent World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival, we are looking into implementing some structural changes.

These new members will build on the current 48 Youth Panel members from 29 countries. More news about the FIH Youth Panel will be provided via the Youth Panel newsletter.

National Youth Panels
It was evident from the WYHPF that there are many young people who want to be involved in hockey at another level – be it organising a tournament, learning to umpire or gaining more insight into coaching.

We can only advise you: use these enthusiastic young people, as they will help you organising events and filling up volunteer positions on the short term and you will keep them involved in the sport in the long run. Not giving these young people a voice when they are willing to contribute will disappoint them with the consequence that you might finally lose them.

Giving youth responsibility is also investing in your future pool of volunteers. If you ask your young leaders to organise (under your guidance) a small event (e.g. under 14 championships) they will in time have the experience to run a national competition.

One of the ways to give youth a voice is by setting up a National Youth Panel.

It was good to see South Africa asking for direction on starting a National Youth Panel which will bring the total to 13 National Youth Panels.

In 2006 we will present all existing National Panels to you on the website, describing why they were established, how, when, who are the members, which activities they do.

The FIH Youth Panel can help you in setting up such a Panel, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Preview 2006

Global Youth Hockey Marathon, 13-14 May 2006
The theme of the 2006 Marathon, which will be held on 13-14 May 2006, will be “Hockey, a Sport for Everybody”.

A few months ago your National Association received a promotional DVD with the same title, putting an emphasis on hockey as a sport for all, fully inclusive with no exceptions.

The idea behind the 2006 Marathon is that we all look critically at our membership. Is hockey indeed a “sport for everybody” in your country? Does it offer playing opportunities for all ages (mini’s, juniors, seniors, veterans), for both genders, for all races and for people with a disability?

We invite you to create a Marathon event for those groups that are not well represented in your hockey fraternity. Of course you can also invite existing members, who can then play a role in welcoming the new group.

The attached booklet provides you with good practices of projects that involve minority groups within the hockey community.

Please let us know what will happen in your country during the Marathon, as we would like to publicise it and share your experience with other NAs.

If you have questions or need some further ideas, or if you have any suggestions for us, than please get in touch with your Continental Development Officer.

FIH Youth Leadership Certificates
Also, in 2006 you will be able to reward your active young leaders in the age group 15-21 with a Youth Leadership Certificate. Keep those active young people involved and show your appreciation by presenting them with this prestigious certificate!

A maximum of 12 nominations per NA can be forwarded. You need to complete all information on the nomination form in detail. Please nominate young leaders and not just good hockey players.

A nomination form can be downloadedon the Development/Youth section of the website. Please fill the forms out (preferably digitally) and send them to [email protected] before 21 June 2006.

In July 2006 the announcement of the successful FIH Youth Hockey Leaders will be included on the WorldHockey website.

Looking Further Ahead
We are aiming to organise another World Youth Hockey Promoters Festival in 2007, so we suggest that you (together with your young leaders?) start fundraising now to give your outstanding young leaders the opportunity to be part of the 4th Global Event.

Part of the NA Fund grant can be used for this purpose (see the A-grants form which was distributed last November).

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