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Issue No. 13  June 2004

Athens Olympic Broadcasting at the Rabobank Trophy

Much has already been written about FIH’s innovative TV production unit, often dubbed the 'Flying Squad'. To recap in brief, FIH uses a core group of TV production staff, expert in the nuances of televising hockey, to work with host broadcasters at FIH major events. The result has been a consistent style and quality of showing our beautiful game to its best effect on TV and has been thoroughly appreciated by hockey broadcasters worldwide.

Of course, the most prestigious event in any hockey fans calendar is the Olympic Games and every effort is being made to present the very best standards at hockey’s greatest opportunity to switch people on to our sport. Television is a key issue. Athens Olympic Broadcasting has been working very closely with FIH’s television unit since the test event in January to ensure that hockey’s TV pictures at the Olympics are of the highest possible standard.

With weekly broadcast of its national league and coverage of a major hockey event every year, Dutch broadcaster NOS is arguably one of the most hockey-experienced production units in the world. This week, in collaboration with one of the key FIH Flying Squad members, Rupert Rumney, the producer and directors of Athens Olympic Broadcasting’s hockey production unit will be studying NOS’s production of the Rabobank Trophy in the Netherlands.

I must express my gratitude to NOS for their willingness to welcome Athens Olympic Broadcasting in the true spirit of maximising hockey’s success at the Olympics and of course to AOB, in particular to its director Manolo Romero, for being so diligent and professional in their consideration of hockey as an Olympic spectacle.

Els Van Breda Vriesman

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