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WorldHockey Umpiring Boost


The WorldHockey Umpiring Boost was launched in Leipzig on Saturday 27 November 2004 at the FIH Congress.


The WorldHockey Umpiring Boost (WHUB) is an FIH project, jointly organised by the Umpiring Committee and the Development and Coaching Committee, whose overall objective is to help as many National Associations as possible to encourage, promote and develop Umpiring in their own country. Due to take place over 2005 and 2006 it is intended that the project will be on-going with a lasting effect, and not just be seen as a one-off. This project recognises the twin needs of addressing the worldwide shortage of umpires and the requirement to maintain an improvement in umpiring standards.


In October 2004, the following documents were sent out to all National Associations: -

1. WHUB Letter to National Associations sent October 2004

2. WHUB Information Sheet

3. WHUB Information Sheet Attachment


The WHUB Handbook, together with its supporting resources, will be posted onto the WorldHockey website. Arrangements have been made to have the Handbook translated into Spanish, and this version will also be available on the website very shortly.

The WHUB Handbook contains three sections:

Section 1 - FIH Recommendations and Guidelines for a National Umpiring Structure

Section 2 - FIH Supported Umpiring Courses Information

Section 3 - Ideas to help Recruit, Retain and Develop Umpires

Until the Handbook, with its downloadable resources, is available in web format, PDF versions of it are provided:

-        Introduction

-        Section 1 – Introduction

-        Section 1 – Young Player Umpire Accreditation 

-        Section 1 – Starter Umpire Accreditation

-        Section 1 – Level 1 Umpire Accreditation

-       Section 1 – Level 2 Umpire Accreditation, Level 3 Umpire Accreditation and General Resources

-        Section 1 – Umpire Coaching

-        Section 2

-        Section 3

WHUB Letter to NAs
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WHUB Letter to NAs InformationSheet
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WHUB Letter to NAs Information Sheet Attachment
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WHUB Letter to NAs_espanol.doc
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WHUB Letter to NAs Information Sheet_espanol
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WHUB Letter to NAs Info Sheet Attachment_espanol
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300 Kb
Section 1 - Introduction
143 Kb
Section 1 - Young Player Umpire
235 Kb
Section 1 - Starter Umpire
534 Kb
Section 1 - Level 1 Umpire
611 Kb
Section 1 - Level 2 & 3 Umpire & General Resources
362 Kb
Section 1 - Umpire Coaching
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Section 2
487 Kb
Section 3
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WorldHockey Umpiring Boost Presentation 2004
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WorldHockey Umpiring Boost Forms

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